Introducing a better, more efficient and cost-effective solution for managing your brand. BRANDflex!

An award-winning solution, BRANDflex organizes your company's approved, branded advertising & communications materials (e.g., advertisements, presentations, marketing collateral, signage, e-mail templates, document templates, etc.) and allows them to be customized for local market needs – while still retaining the all-important look and feel of the company's brand image.

BRANDflex allows employees, dealerships, franchises, satellite offices, clients, affiliates and vendors to easily access, produce, customize and save brand-consistent materials in a matter of minutes. This is the perfect technology for any company that wants to empower a large distribution network with the freedom and autonomy to produce customized, brand-compliant materials without having to manage the process every step of the way.


Saves Time & Money

With BRANDflex, the exorbitant time and costs associated with producing and managing brand-consistent communications the traditional way are challenges of the past. Advertisements, signage, documents, presentations, and branded e-mail initiatives that used to take days or weeks to complete can now be developed and approved within minutes. The countless hours and dollars spent managing, reviewing, approving, updating and customizing your communications materials can now be spent on other, more important aspects of your business.

Protects Your Brand

BRANDflex protects brand equity by ensuring one consistent corporate image is reflected in all materials. Because the BRANDflex software only contains creative materials and copy that have been client-approved at the corporate level, everything generated by the system (fonts, logos, images, layouts, templates, presentations, copy and formats) will conform to your company's skillfully crafted brand and identity standards.

Is Easy To Use

BRANDflex was designed to be easy and user-friendly -- even for people without prior desktop publishing experience. Step-by-step instructions guide users to create final print-ready PDF files, interactive presentations and e-mail collateral in a matter of minutes. BRANDflex also contains easy-to-use account management, file management, accounting, budget tracking and print fulfillment features that can be accessed throughout the application.

Provides A Complete Solution

BRANDflex allows users to quickly and easily complete all steps in the communications development process: from design and customization to selecting a cost-effective printer and sharing feedback with other industry insiders in minutes.

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